Second Grade

How to Use Songs in the Classroom by Dr. Timothy Rasinski

Here are some suggestions for classroom use:

  1. Teachers, familiarize yourself with the video.
  2. To get the most out of your class, download the powerpoint and use the mp3 recording. I am trying to add captions to the videos, but it is a labor intensive project. The powerpoint, used in conjunction with the mp3, is an excellent fluency activity. (Kindergarten is optional, but seeing the words they’re singing is like watching TV with captions–it all helps)
  3. Remember, songs are easy to memorize. Once they’ve done the song for five days, the benefits of the fluency activity are negligible.
  4. Any problems, please email me <>
  5. Below are a few suggestion for grade level songs. [Thank you for all the teacher input.]

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around
Beans, Bacon and Gravy
Boatman Dance
Buffalo Gals
Farmer is the Man
Freedom Table
Get Along Little Dogies
Home on the Range
King Kong Kitchie
Look for the Silver Lining
Reuben and Rachel
Simple Gifts
This Little Light of Mine
Turkey in the Straw
We Shall Not Be Moved

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