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I Will Give My Love an Apple (I Gave My Love a Cherry)

TITLE: I Will Give My Love an Apple  (I Gave My Love a Cherry) AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: Traditional, Public Domain KEYWORDS: riddle, love, gift EARLIEST PRINTED OR RECORDED REFERENCE: c. 1430 (British Library, Sloane MS. 2593, “I have a yong suster”) I Gave My Love an Apple, The Riddle Song, and I Gave My Love a Cherry is a read more »

Hush Little Baby

TITLE: Hush Little Baby AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: traditional, public domain KEYWORDS: lullaby, bird, commerce, gift EARLIEST DATE: 1918 (Cecil Sharp collection) Hush Little Baby is a lullaby which is usually sung to children before they go to sleep. The idea is that the song sung by a familiar and beautiful voice will lull the child read more »