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Marching Song of the First Arkansas (Negro) Regiment

TITLE: Marching Song of the First Arkansas (Negro) Regiment AUTHOR: Words: Capt. Lindley Miller? CATEGORY: KEYWORDS: Civil War, battle, Black(s), slavery, freedom, soldier, derivative EARLIEST PRINTED OR RECORDED REFERENCE: 1960 Songs of the Civil War (Irwin Silber) Dover Publications 1995, original 1960); also, a nineteenth century broadside is listed on p. 147 of Edwin Wolf 2nd, _American Song Sheets, Slip read more »

In the Days of ’76

TITLE: The Days of Seventy-Six AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: Traditional, Public Domain KEYWORDS: war, freedom, America, rebellion EARLIEST PRINTED OR RECORDED REFERENCE: The Folk Songs of North America (in the English Language), Alan Lomax, Doubleday and Company 1960. Credited to the collection of Wallace House. HISTORICAL REFERENCES: Apr 18, 1775 – Battle of Lexington. A British force routs the American read more »

Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around

TITLE: Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: Traditional, Public Domain KEYWORDS: Civil Rights, freedom EARLIEST PRINTED OR RECORDED REFERENCE: Recording: Dixie Jubilee Singers, May 30/June 1924. Print: Clarence Cameron White, 1927, Forty Negro Spirituals, Theodore Presser Co. Philadelphia. HISTORICAL REFERENCES: This old spiritual was first introduced in Albany (Georgia) by Reverend Ralph Abernathy read more »

Follow the Drinking Gourd

TITLE: Follow the Drinking Gourd AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: public domain, traditional KEYWORDS: slave, freedom EARLIEST DATE: 1928 (Texas Folklore Society) HISTORICAL REFERENCES: Folklore has it that fugitive slaves in the United States used “the drinking gourd” or what we know as the Big Dipper constellation as a point of reference so they would not get read more »

We Shall Not Be Moved (Civil Rights Version)

TITLE: We Shall Not Be Moved AUTHOR: Alfred H. Ackley, modified by the civil rights movement in the 1960s. CATEGORY: Public Domain, Debated EARLIEST DATE: 1906 (Ackley, “Hymns for His Praise No. 2”) KEYWORDS: freedom, protest, floatingverses, nonballad HISTORICAL REFERENCE: Civil Rights Movement in the United States 1950s and 1960s. “We Shall Not Be Moved” read more »

Billy Broke Locks

TITLE: Billy Broke Locks AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: traditional, public domain EARLIEST DATE: 1929 (Barry, Eckstorm, Smyth) KEYWORDS: prison escape dancing freedom HISTORICAL REFERENCES: monetary exchange in the US Colonies before the revolution. Billy Broke Locks (or the Escape of Old John Webb). Traditional dating back to 1737. Quoting Lomax: “At that time exchange in the colonies was based read more »

I’m Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table (Civil Rights Version)

TITLE: I’m Gonna Sit at the Freedom Table AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: Author Unknown, Public Domain KEYWORDS: song, freedom, woolworth counter, civil rights EARLIEST DATE: 1922 Florida Normal Quartet, “The Welcome Table” (OKeh 40079, 1924; rec. 1922)—Amazon MP3 HISTORICAL REFERENCES: Used extensively in protests during the civil rights movement of the early 1960s. It is adapted read more »