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Pick a Bale of Cotton

TITLE: Pick a Bale of Cotton AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: Traditional, Public Domain KEYWORDS:  work, farming, bragging EARLIEST PRINTED OR RECORDED REFERENCE: 1933 (recording, James “Iron Head” Baker & group) SOME CONSIDER THIS SONG OFFENSIVE  First collected by Alan Lomax from prison farms in Texas, this is a boastful song about picking an impossibly large quantity of cotton (a read more »

Fish of the Sea, The (Blow Ye Winds Westerly)

TITLE: The Fish of the Sea (Blow Ye Winds Westerly) AUTHOR: unknown CATEGORY: traditional, public domain KEYWORDS: fishing, bragging, sailor EARLIEST DATE: 1904 (Reeves-Sharp) This shanty probably originated as a Scottish fisherman’s song. It was also popular with Gloucester fishermen in the American Northeast.